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Harvesting for Good

At Harvesting for Good - East Africa, our dedication lies in cultivating and establishing regenerative land designs. Our primary objective is to transform both micro and macro lawns into functional and purposeful spaces.

Our Mission.

Harvesting for Good, East Africa offers essential tools and services to enhance access to fresh, locally grown, and healthy food through holistic and ecologically sustainable practices within regenerative agriculture.

Our mission at Harvesting for Good, EA is to revolutionize lawns, home gardens—whether in backyard spaces, balconies, or communal areas—and farming methodologies. We achieve this by crafting resilient and healthy regenerative land designs based on the principles of permaculture philosophy. This approach forms the cornerstone of our process and solutions. It commences with a comprehensive understanding of the site's context and environmental dynamics, integrating urban sustainability considerations into the systems and opportunities we explore.

We are dedicated change agents, employing design and consulting as formidable tools for transformation. Our commitment is to inspire and assist you in learning, ensuring that whatever it takes, we are here to support your journey


We work with a broad range of commercial and charitable partners, both in Africa and internationally. If you'd like to discuss partnering with Harvesting for Good East Africa, get in touch here

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