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What We Do

Our primary objective is to equip individuals with the necessary tools to construct empowered, self-sufficient, climate-resilient, healthy, and food-secure communities. At our core lie the Permaculture Ethics of Care of the Earth, Care of People, and Fair Distribution of Resources. Our commitment extends to inspiring and supporting your learning journey, ensuring that we provide whatever assistance necessary to ignite your inspiration.


Harvesting For Good, East Africa frequently engages clients who initially possess a broad concept of their requirements. Leveraging our expertise, we promptly provide invaluable assistance to property owners and companies, aiding in their growth and evolution.

A comprehensive consultation process stands as a pivotal step in grasping your ideas, needs, and vision for your landscape. Our approach involves building a rapport with clients, allowing us to fashion a landscape that seamlessly integrates with your home or building and aligns with your lifestyle. Collaborating closely with you, we delve into understanding the site, its context, and the available opportunities, harmonizing these aspects with your desired landscape outcomes


Sustainable Landscaping

Permaculture transcends mere gardening; it involves the design of human habitats and environmental regeneration, aiming for a sustainable future. At HFG-EA, our primary focus is on connecting people with nature while reintegrating nature into their lives.

Our initiatives include designing edible gardens in various settings such as schools, communities, cafes, homes, office buildings, rooftops, and any other desired locations for food cultivation. Throughout this process, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to individuals and staff involved

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Waste / Compost Management

Our contribution involves facilitating a waste-free lifestyle, aligning with the Permaculture principle of 'Produce No Waste.' Specifically, we assist in managing inorganic waste at both household and community levels through composting and vermicomposting techniques.

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Our mission involves private consulting, designing, and executing holistic landscape solutions that tackle challenges like water runoff and poor soil fertility. We specialize in transforming these issues into opportunities by fostering food production, resilient landscapes, and bountiful yields within both community and corporate settings. Collaborating closely with clients, we aim to enhance existing landscapes, converting them into restorative and functional spaces. Moreover, we offer ongoing follow-ups to ensure the project's longevity and sustainability.

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Producing Local Food

As urbanization escalates, there's an imminent call to reimagine human-made urban systems as ecologically intelligent structures that prioritize the human experience and social responsibility. We firmly advocate for individuals to cultivate a portion of their food, regardless of space limitations—whether it's on balconies, backyards, or front yards.

HFG EA offers comprehensive training on proficient edible gardening techniques. Our approach integrates biointensive methods, mixed cropping, companion planting, integrated pest management, and food forest gardening to enable effective and sustainable food cultivation.

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At Harvesting for Good - East Africa, our commitment lies in empowering farmers and individuals through hands-on training and demonstrations in permaculture, biointensive, and regenerative gardening practices. With extensive experience in conducting both private and public training sessions, we offer opportunities for interested parties to either participate in our scheduled trainings or arrange bespoke sessions for themselves and their staff.

This year, we've initiated a partnership with Mlango Farm in Limuru, where we conduct engaging 2-day Gardening Workshops. Feel free to inquire further about attending our workshops or organizing customized training sessions.

Giving people a second chance.jpg

At our core philosophy, we understand that a thriving business extends beyond serving clients; it necessitates active community involvement. We believe in contributing our share to environmental well-being through our innovative development concepts.

Our commitment to integrating sustainable choices into our designs isn't just a practice but a fundamental lifestyle.

We strongly advocate for both environmental stewardship and community empowerment. At HFG EA, we actively engage in initiatives aimed at giving back to the planet while also supporting community development through skills enhancement and training.

Our collaborations include partnering with the Strong Roots Movement, where we assisted in initiating a farm at the Ruiru Rehabilitation Centre. Presently, we're dedicated to an impactful project at Naivasha Children’s Shelter in Naivasha. Our most recent community endeavor involves Mathare Green Park, reflecting our ongoing commitment to community-centric projects.


We work extensively across East Africa from our base near Nairobi, Kenya.

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