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Who We Are

Harvesting for Good East Africa specializes in transforming challenges into opportunities, cultivating food production, fostering resilient landscapes, and generating abundant yields across both community and corporate settings.



Sheena Shah


Lead Permaculture Designer &

Creative Director

Sheena, formerly the Education Manager & Executive Director at the Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya, directs her expertise towards regenerative business strategies. Her focus revolves around ensuring sustainable, long-term development in small-scale projects and markets while spearheading permaculture initiatives in East Africa. Her initiative, HFG EA, aims to bridge the gap in urban development while maintaining active involvement in community programs.

With an extensive background spanning over a decade in this field, Sheena excels in creatively resolving intricate challenges. Her strengths lie in understanding the intricacies of the building process, practicalities involved in successful landscape creation, and fostering collaborations with diverse groups, embodying a holistic approach to working with communities.

She is an active advisory member of the permEzone team, delivering activities in Western Kenya since 2017.

She is also a member of Kayana, a community of female entrepreneurs of abundance that come together to move their businesses from ideation to start-up, that assists young women in businesses with relevant skills. 


John Saam Mugambo

Staff Member / Permaculture Designer

John Saam, a proud Masai tribesman hailing from Nanyuki County, embarked on his Permaculture Certification journey at the Laikipia Permaculture Centre (LPC) in 2016. He secured a scholarship opportunity facilitated by Sheena's collaboration with PRI Kenya, enabling him to delve into permaculture, master composting, integrated pest management, earthworks, and organic farming practices. During this time, he actively supported the Laikipia women's groups, offering his expertise in nursery propagation and management.

In March 2022, John joined the close-knit team at HFG EA. Since then, he has completed a comprehensive training-of-trainers series, enhancing his abilities to facilitate permaculture activities both in the field and on various projects. His profound passion for the subject is palpable and reflects in his dedicated work

Priscilla N.jpeg

Priscilla Nzamalu

Permaculture Design Consultant

Priscilla Nzamalu, originally from the Kibwezi region, boasts a background in Biological Sciences with a BSc in Botany and Zoology. She furthered her academic pursuits with a Masters in Training in Rural Extension and Transformation. Holding certifications in Permaculture and Teaching from the Permaculture Institute of Kenya, Priscilla actively engaged in shadowing and consulting on various projects during Sheena's tenure at PRI Kenya from 2013 to 2018. Their collaboration has persisted beyond this timeframe.

Currently, Priscilla serves as a part-time field consultant for HFG-EA, contributing expertise in permaculture training and offering private consultancy services at the community level.

Reshma Aziz Khan, Transformation Coach, K’enzo Consulting

“Where do I start with Sheena's magic? I have known Sheena for many years, and always knew she had a passion for the earth and permaculture. In 2017 when we were moving to a house with a lovely garden, she was there from the first day, to help us think through our dream of creating a food forest, and harvesting directly from our gardens. Sheena and her team at HFG EA are professional, and so easy to work with! If you are thinking of living in a different way, a way that truly encourages climate action at the forefront, she is your person!” 


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