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Harvesting for Good

Harvesting for Good

East Africa

East Africa

Harvesting for Good East Africa offers essential tools and services aimed at enhancing access to fresh, healthy local food. We employ innovative approaches rooted in resilient and regenerative agriculture, specifically leveraging the principles of permaculture.


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About Harvesting for Good

Since its inception in 2019, our approach revolves around utilizing design systems harmonious with nature, aiming for optimal efficiency and resilience. Our philosophy embraces a blend of permaculture, regenerative, and integrated farming practices. Our focus extends beyond crafting mere landscapes; we endeavor to fashion purposeful, inherent, and human-centric spaces using permculture design.


Upcoming Projects to Fund

At the core of our business ethos lies a fundamental belief: success transcends merely serving clients; it necessitates a commitment to community service. Our dedication extends to contributing our part in environmental preservation through our development initiatives. Integrating sustainable practices into our design work isn't just a profession; it's a deeply ingrained philosophy guiding our actions. We firmly advocate for not only giving back to the planet but also enriching communities by providing skills and training aimed at enhancing livelihoods.


What we do

Harvesting for Good, EA, is dedicated to equipping individuals with essential tools to foster empowered, self-sufficient, and climate-resilient communities focused on health and food security. At our core, we adhere to the Permaculture Ethics: Care of the Earth, Care of People, and Fair Distribution of Resources. Our commitment extends to inspiring and assisting you in learning, ensuring you have whatever it takes to ignite your motivation.

What is Permaculture?

At its essence, Permaculture functions as a resilient living and land use design system, rooted in universal ethics and ecological principles that harmonize with Nature. This approach not only empowers us but also provides a practical avenue to unlock and manifest our potential as catalysts for positive change—both on an individual level and as a collective force.

Get to Know Us

Explore further details about our initiatives, delve into the background of our founder, and discover our overarching objectives encompassing local projects and international development efforts.

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