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"Food is part of nature, and nature is inherently regenerative - it can renew itself. For billions of years, organisms in living systems have grown, thrived, and died, becoming food for a new cycle to begin.

We can redesign our food system to reflect this natural cycle more closely and help nature, people, and the economy thrive." -Ellen McArthur Foundation


HFG EA is currently engaged in a collaborative partnership with Mathare Green Park, aiming to facilitate the development of an impactful permaculture initiative within their premises.

The overarching objective is to nurture leadership within the Mathare community, empowering them to spearhead additional projects and impart these invaluable skills to their fellow community members and beyond. The stories and successful model farms created by this group can serve as replicable models, providing a learning platform for others to visit, observe, connect, and contribute, thereby fostering community growth and expansion.



Our focus revolves around empowering and educating individuals, gardeners, and farmers in biointensive and regenerative gardening techniques, rooted in the principles of permaculture.

Regenerative food production serves to revitalize natural systems through conscientious practices that align with local contexts. This involves utilizing diverse crop varieties, employing cover crops, practicing rotational grazing, implementing agroforestry methods (such as growing trees amidst crops or pastures), and fostering long-term soil health. Join our introductory course held at Mlango Farm and become part of a connected community of like-minded individuals sharing the common goal of cultivating their own food in any available space



At HFG EA, we firmly believe that Designers should function as catalysts for change, guiding the transition towards a regenerative landscape ideology.


Our intrinsic designs embody an environmentally and socially responsible, biophilic approach woven into every aspect.

As our world increasingly adopts urban living, there arises a pressing need to reimagine human-made urban systems as ecologically intelligent frameworks. We strive to integrate the human experience and social responsibility into this equation.

Partner with us to actualize a sustainable ecospace within your home, business, or farm. Let's collaborate in creating a harmonious environment that embraces ecological principles and supports your vision.

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