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"Food is part of nature, and nature is inherently regenerative - it can renew itself. For billions of years, organisms in living systems have grown, thrived, and died, becoming food for a new cycle to begin.

We can redesign our food system to reflect this natural cycle more closely and help nature, people, and the economy thrive." -Ellen McArthur Foundation

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Regenerative Landscaping


At present, HFG EA in working on a partnership with Mathare Green Park to assist them in establishing a dynamic permaculture project at their site.

The ultimate goal is to build the group in Mathare as leaders to further pioneer more projects and teach these skills to their fellow communities and beyond. Their stories and model farms can easily be replicated and be used as a model learning ground for others to come see, observe, connect and support the community to grow larger and take this onward.

Empowering and educating individuals, gardeners and farmers in biointensive and regenerative gardening techniques. 

Regenerative food production can regenerate natural systems by using practices, depending on the local context, like using diverse crop varieties and cover crops, rotational grazing, agroforestry (growing trees around or among crops or pasture) and building soil long term.

At HFG EA we believe that Designers must act as Change Agents to shift the paradigm towards a regenerative landscape ideology.  An environmental socially responsible and biophilic approach is incorporated in all aspects of our intrinsic designs.

As the world becomes more urban there is an urgent need to rethink man made urban systems as ecologically intelligent systems and integrate the human experience and social responsibility into the equation.

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