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Harvesting for Good East Africa

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Harvesting for Good, East Africa provides the necessary tools and services in helping improve access to fresh, healthy local food, using innovative approaches in resilient and regenerative agriculture. We provide services in integrated landscaping both on urban and peri-urban scales.

Harvesting for Good, EA’s mission is to transform lawns, home gardens, businesses, community development and overall farming practices by creating a healthy and regenerative land design.

We do this work because we are committed and ardent about restoring our planet and we believe that these times offer us a call to action to live regeneratively – not just sustainably. As climate change and environmental conservation move to the forefront of the world’s consciousness, growing numbers of people are looking for ways that they can make a positive impact and HFG is a place to start.

HFG offers services in:

- Permaculture Consulting

- Landscape Design & Maintenance Plans

- Setting up Kitchen Gardens integrated with horticulture

- Medicinal Herb Gardens

- Vertical Gardens

- Simple Composting/Waste Management methods

All of our work incorporates training of staff on site from the get go.

Clients often approach Harvesting For Good, East Africa with a general idea of what they need. We are able to jump right in with our expertise and really help property owners and companies grow and evolve.

An extensive consultation process is crucial to understanding your ideas, needs and vision for your landscape. We love to get to know our clients so that we can design a landscape that integrates your house or building and your lifestyle. We work with you to understand the site, context and opportunities and incorporate these with the outcomes that you want from your landscape. ​

Contact us and book a consultation. We're here to help YOU get started.

Every system is unique. Permaculture empowers us in a practical way to explore and realize our potential as positive agents of change, individually and collectively.

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