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Intro to Gardening & Permaculture Course this July 22nd & August 5th at Mlango Farm

Updated: May 24, 2023

Do you dream of walking out your front/ back door and into an abundant vegetable patch, full of delicious and healthy produce grown by your own hands? THEN this is for YOU!

We have worked on a brand NEW Intro to Gardening & Permaculture course package to teach you the know hows and get YOU started! This course will cover everything from garden design to planting, watering and more.

Whether you're a complete beginner who's never grown anything before, or you already have a vegetable patch but are struggling and have mixed results, then this new course will get you growing abundantly, with efficient design, skills, tips and tricks that you need to succeed.

Learn how to grow a variety of wholesome vegetables, herbs and trees, using organic, e principles and permaculture thinking, borrowed from the toolkit itself to get you started on this journey and to get those hands of yours re-connected to the earth, and boost your homegrown harvest, nutrition, AND happiness levels, all at once.

WE are designing this two day package which will be spaced out to give you time to practice right away after the course and share your experience with us during the next sessions. This gives us the opportunity to answer your questions, interact with you one on one and dive in to practical sessions that will give you the tools to discover. You'll learn how to use permaculture thinking, design, skills and habits to transform your everyday for the better. Get ready to create abundance, become more resilient, thrive where you already are, and make some serious climate-positive changes! It is absolutely ACHIEVABLE and this course is open to ANYONE! Sign up yourselves, your gardeners/staff, family and friends. Perhaps even gift a loved one who has been wanting to learn more about sustainable gardening practices.

Where: Mlango Farm, Thingati A, Ngecha village

Costs for the two day package is KSH 8,500

inclusive of a wholesome meal at Mlango Farm

Sign up HERE

Psssssst...... Look out for more juicy info about the course below!

The course schedule is as follows:

Day 1 - Saturday July 22nd

- Farm Tour of Mlango Farm

- An intro to Gardening & Permaculture

- Fundamentals of Super HEALTHY Soil

- Water Management (natural techniques)

- Good Design Practices ; garden beds & planting techniques

- Upkeep & Maintenance

- Tips and Tricks

Day 2 - Saturday August 5th

- Interact with we have experienced so far

- More Soil Building Fundamentals

- Manage weeds, pests and diseases organically, no chemicals needed (IPM)

- Composting and practical

- Upkeep & Maintenance

This course is very hands on, practical, short yet intense to get you prepared for your own garden set up. You will get to see various examples of garden design to critically think around design in general.

Just 45 minutes away from the hectic city centre of Nairobi, in the village of Ngecha, you will find Mlango Farm. A perfect place to come to rest and enjoy the peaceful rural environment. At Mlango you find a combination of the warm African atmosphere with Dutch "gezelligheid" (coziness). Just as the name suggests, it is the gateway/ door to an inspiring, enriching and meaningful place to learn and engage with.

Your lead facilitation team will be Harvesting for Good EA's very own Founder and Lead, Sheena Shah, assisted by staff, John Mugambo. We will also have guest speakers introducing new additional concepts that you can incorporate.

Let's start to get curious about the way we want to live and deepen our understanding on the most important topic - FOOD!

Testimonial from a participant who took our most recent two day course

"The first time I came across harvesting for good-EA was on Instagram, while I was looking for some inspiration on how to revamp my lawn. I made a bold move to reach out to Sheena for an interview and she was just amazing. Her passion is infectious. When she shared with me about this course I had to attend because I'm also working on a community project related to growing vegetables organically, and being so green on permaculture, I needed the skills. And I honestly learned a lot from her and the Mlango team. Once I got back, I found myself unconsciously implementing what I learned and now it felt easy, like slipping on a glove. I am forever grateful to Sheena and her team, and Mlango farm for inspiring us with their story that it is possible to be organic, sustainable, profitable and gain global recognition while benefiting the community around us." ~ M. W (April Cohort)

"All of the World' problems can be solved in the garden"

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