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March 12th & 26th, 2024 ~ A Two-Day Introduction to Urban Gardening & Permaculture Course

Updated: Feb 9

In the midst of urban landscapes, a green revolution is taking root, inviting you to explore the wonders of sustainable living through our upcoming Two Day Introduction to Urban Gardening & Permaculture Course on March 12th & 26th at the lovely Mlango Farm . Over two enlightening days, immerse yourself in the transformative world of urban agriculture and ecological design. We've structured this course across two weeks, offering time for practical application between sessions to enhance a collective learning experience.

Whether you're starting from scratch or grappling with mixed results in your vegetable patch, our new course equips you with the essential design, skills, tips, and tricks for abundant and successful growth. Join us to master efficient gardening and cultivate bountiful yields, regardless of your experience level.

Discover the secrets to cultivating a diverse array of nutritious vegetables, aromatic herbs, and flourishing trees. Uncover the power of organic principles and permaculture strategies straight from the toolkit of sustainable living. This course is your gateway to reconnecting with the earth, nurturing your hands to cultivate abundant harvests while enhancing both nutrition and happiness levels through homegrown goodness. Join us to kickstart your journey into a greener, more fulfilling lifestyle where each harvest is a step towards sustainability and joy.

We've crafted a two-day package with time between sessions for immediate practice and shared experiences. This approach allows us to personally engage with you, answering your queries and immersing in hands-on sessions, offering practical tools for discovery. Through this course, harness the power of permaculture thinking, design, skills, and habits to transform your daily life positively. Join us to unlock abundance, resilience, and climate-positive changes! This course welcomes everyone – sign up yourself, your gardening team, family, and friends. It's a perfect gift for anyone eager to delve into sustainable gardening practices.

Where: Mlango Farm, Thingati A, Ngecha village

When: March 12th & 26th 2024

Costs for the two day package is KSH 9,000

-inclusive of a wholesome meal at Mlango Farm

Time: 9:30am - 4:15pm

The course schedule is as follows:

Day 1 - Tuesday March 12th

On the first day, delve into the art of urban gardening. Explore how even the smallest urban spaces can flourish with life and purpose through sustainable gardening practices.

  • Farm Tour at Mlango Farm

  • Introduction to Gardening & Permaculture

  • Essential Techniques for Healthy Soil

  • Natural Water Management Methods

  • Effective Garden Bed Design and Planting

  • Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Day 2 - Tuesday March 26th

Day two delves into the potential of Permaculture in urban settings, featuring engaging group discussions, and further explores soil-building techniques as participants delve deeper into the Mlango Farm experience.

  • Recap and Interactive Session on Previous Learning

  • Further Soil Building Fundamentals

  • Organic Weed, Pest, and Disease Management (IPM)

  • Composting - Theory and Practical Application

  • Maintenance and Upkeep Guidelines

This hands-on and intensive course is designed to equip you swiftly for setting up your own garden. Explore diverse garden design examples to sharpen critical thinking and promote long-term biodiversity.

Just 45 minutes away from the hectic city centre of Nairobi, in the village of Ngecha, you will find Mlango Farm. A perfect place to come to rest and enjoy the peaceful rural environment. At Mlango you find a combination of the warm African atmosphere with Dutch "gezelligheid" (coziness). Just as the name suggests, it is the gateway/ door to an inspiring, enriching and meaningful place to learn and engage with.

Your lead facilitation team will be Harvesting for Good EA's very own Founder and Lead, Sheena Shah, assisted by staff, John Mugambo. We will also have guest speakers introducing new additional concepts that you can incorporate.

"Let's ignite curiosity about our lifestyle choices and delve deeper into the fundamental topic - FOOD!"

Testimonials from participants who took our most recent two day courses

"I had such an amazing time learning with Harvesting for Good EA's team at Mlango Farm! Even though I work in Agriculture, these workshops were a delightful eye-opener for me. I feel truly empowered to become a more conscious consumer by learning how to grow my own food. Mlango Farm is conveniently close to the city, yet it has this wonderfully authentic rural atmosphere. Everything from the beautiful artwork to the delicious food and the friendly staff, not to mention Els :), truly inspires us to take charge, experiment with new things, and make a real impact. After my visit, I left the farm feeling incredibly inspired to write stories that advocate for a resilient food system and drive meaningful change. ~ Rachael K, Enviu (Cohort 3, 2023)

"A great jolt back to the reality that we can do more to enjoy and care for nature, rather than just keep talking about it. We've grown away from the land, and have become impractical with hot air ideas of saving the earth, while missing the simple day-to-day measures we could all adopt to make a real difference. This course with the HFG EA Team has me buzzing with becoming more practical in waste management." ~ Hannah, (Cohort 4, 2023)

"First and foremost as the gardener attending this course all the way from Narok County, I really appreciated the team for providing the space and encouraging all gardeners to share each other's stories as it was helpful to others. The team taught us many different techniques on how to manage and control the pests either by traditional ways. We hope to keep being introduced to many courses which benefit us. Community Permaculture can shifts our people from pesticide to the more natural ways of farming." ~ Daniel, Narok (Cohort 4, 2023)

"All of the World' problems can be solved in the garden"

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