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Cheese & Bread Making Workshop in Nairobi this June!

Updated: May 1, 2023

"Just as soil needs healthy living beneficial microbes to support strong, resilient, healthy life forms up the food chain, so too our bodies and internal ecosystem need good microbes to keep us strong and healthy."

Discover the lost art of home cheese making & sourdough bread. Fermenting food such as in sourdough and cheese making has many health advantages and it’s also about reviving forgotten skills from the past.

"Ferment your way to good health"

Details: Join us for two half day workshops this June 8th and 9th for our Cheese and Bread Making Workshop hosted by Award winning, accredited permaculture teacher Elisabeth Fekonia, from Australia.

When: June 8th & 9th '2023 (Thursday & Friday) 9:30am -12:30pm

Where: Ethos Cafe, off General Mathenge

Costs: KES 10,000 (KES 5,000 per workshop and includes a meal and drink)

Register for the course here –

No prerequisites required, just positive vibes and a good time!

Contact us at


KEEP READING for all of the cheesy info below!

Workshop programme:

These workshops will run two half days, consisting of three hour workshops each, and will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to go home and make your own cheese, bread and prepare your own bread starter! It will be fun packed, informative, hands on and very practical AND it is for EVERYONE!

Day 1: 👩‍🍳This workshop is aimed at the beginner cheesemaker enthusiast, with in- depth teaching of the how and whys of home cheese making! Soon you will see how easy it is to craft your own fresh homemade products.

For the Cheese Making workshop we will focus on: Persian Feta, Mozzarella and an exciting vegan option - Havarti cheese

In this three hour workshop participants will learn how to make the three different cheeses by volunteers from the group taking the necessary steps of making them. The cheese will be available for sampling during the class. E-Recipes are included and you should be confident of being able to make your own cheese at home. Starter packs with cheese cultures will be offered for sale at 435 Ksh each and a Facebook support group is available for troubleshooting and showing off your cheesy products.

Day 2: Sourdough and lactic fermentation

Sourdough bread and lactic or wild fermentation. Lactic fermentation is a natural fermentation method that creates zillions of lactic bacteria that are a wonderful source of probiotics for your inner health. Learn how to make these easy ferments for yourself and see how versatile and varied these can be. Lots of demonstrations by volunteers from the group on how to make these simple but delicious ferments. All ferments will be available for sampling during the class.

E-Recipes will be given out with all the instructions. A facebook support group is available for all participants to join for troubleshooting and of course showing off!

Note: Participants will need to bring a bread tin with them to bake their bread later that evening at home.

All cheeses, sourdough and fermented foods will be available for taste testing with handouts including all the recipes. Cheese cultures will be available for sale after the classes

Workshop Facilitator:

Elisabeth Fekonia is an Award winning, accredited permaculture teacher from Australia.

Elisabeth lives on 6 acres at Black Mountain just west of Cooroy on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. She has learned many skills over the past 30 years in becoming food self-sufficient with the help of their cows and goats for milk and meat, pigs, chooks, bees, worm farms, veggie gardens and fruit trees. Most of their food needs are met from the farm and these are supplemented with sourdough bread made from freshly milled organic wheat with a slab of cheese and a salad from the garden washed down with a glass of fruit wine; her daily food is very satisfying, incredibly healthy and cheap. A home grown and produced diet can’t be compared to what you buy in the shops.

A few years ago, Elisabeth thought it would be a good idea to become a Permaculture teacher to help others to grow and produce their own food. She has achieved this in the form of one day workshops that will help people to make their own cheese, sourdough, wine, miso and tempeh etc, teaching about growing tropical vegetables and also teaching organic gardening courses.

Global crisis or not, self sufficiency is her drive, she wouldn’t live anywhere else but in the country. She loves the life of growing and producing her own food. Her message is, “It might seem daunting at first, but it’s up to you to decide what you can do in regards to producing your own food, because if I can do it, anyone can. I’m only too happy to share my knowledge and experiences to help you on the road to your own food security. I’m sure you’ll never look back when you do”

“You have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese.”

Anthony Bourdain

Register for the course here –

No prerequisites required, just positive vibes and a good time!

Contact us at

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