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What a great start to the year!

We have had a wonderful start to the new year so far!

Thankfully, working on a variety of different and back to back home projects at the moment, whilst following up with past clients and seeing the progress of their gardens. This helps us keep on track and continue improving our work and services that we provide.

Some of the projects that we are currently working on as we continue to develop our demo sites, are with homes and individuals that want to start up their own kitchen gardens. What sets us apart at HFG EA is how individualised our work is and how much thought and planning goes into making each project unique and intrinsic. Key staff are trained in the process from the get go. This has been our mission from inception and we have worked with over 55 homes, which includes businesses and community projects which are in Nairobi, Ruiru, Naivasha and our latest work in Taita Taveta, Voi.

It is fantastic to look back and see how we pulled through and got over obstacles that came our way, especially during covid. We started off very small, and have now grown over the last year. Every project is a lesson and prepares us to keep getting better at our craft. The continued support from our clients and enthusiasts that keep coming our way keeps us grounded and keeps us doing this meaningful work. Our field team is small but hardworking and dedicated to the craft and that is important, even when there is a turnover. We have been able to support and provide jobs and the feedback continues to be positive.

Enjoy seeing some images below of some of the home and community projects that we are currently working on:

It is so great to see the vibrant images from all of the ongoing work and how much is achievable in any space available. Even with the ongoing dry spell and drought, we have managed to work on these simple garden designs that are all shaping up very well in their own unique ways, using a lot of the intensive techniques in bringing soils back to life, adding variety and mixed cropping systems and using nature's lessons to create thriving spaces. Just through simple maintenance plans, our clients and their staff are clearly seeing how much can come up in a short amount of time. It keeps us going and it keeps us coming back for more!

Quote from a client: Working on the environment on a communications level is one thing, but getting to really work with the soil, the elements and in harmony with nature is another. And this is what Sheena and her team taught me. They have helped me understand that there are so many ways to work with the flow of nature and double the productivity of our home shamba. In this day and age where chemicals and pollutants are rampant, I feel safer eating what we produce in our backyard. Thank you Sheena and the HFG EA team and look forward to learning more from you!

We are now leveraging our efforts in building a meaningful network and coexist in more thriving spaces collectively. Thanks to our wonderful friends, partners and clients at Ruiru Rehabilitation Centre, Strong Roots Movement, Naivasha Children's Shelter, Elimu Fanaka, Nikola Energy and more recently Mlango Farm. Watch this space as we are about to launch a partnership with the lovely folks at Mlango Farm to host a series of gardening workshops that are in DEMAND!

Reach out and inquire now on our services. There is no better gratification than growing your own produce/ food right outside your doorstep! It is ABSOLUTELY ACHIEVABLE and HUMBLING! :)

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